To different people, bravery can come in the form of many things. We all bore witness to its many faces during the pandemic. Some days, when we'd rather snuggle up in bed, courage may be as simple as choosing to get up and put one foot in front of the other. Then again, there are more challenging days when courage means pursuing what ignites our passions or standing up for what we know is right.

Every day, women from all over the world make the conscious choice to be brave, and it's high time for you to take the same route. Here are five things women do to protect their health and make the best out of the situations they are in.

  1. Empowering others

During a crisis, we bear witness to the worst forms of injustices and oppression. When most of us would just sit back and watch, the strong take their stand in such a volatile time. Only the brave remain positive that we have a better world ahead of us, and they're working towards that. 

That said, empowerment comes in various acts – small or big, but it must first start with the idea that we all deserve a kind and just world.

  1. Connecting through Empathy

When the chaos of the Internet is pulling people apart even further, keeping people together is a superpower. Nothing boosts your health like great companionship, and if you can, participate and build communities where anyone can share their struggle and be free of judgment. If there is anything a strong and brave woman can offer, that would be a safe space where we can all celebrate our victories and comfort each other's losses.

  1. Growing Together

All those months of isolation taught us how to take care of ourselves, but here's another thing that we ought to explore. By looking out for others, we become vulnerable, but we also become stronger – this is the risk we run, and it's worth it. Imagine moving forward with people who, like you, do their best to get up in the morning and try their best. Imagine reaching your destination and how rewarding that would be.

  1. Evaluating your Intake

Our bodies serve as the vessel of our souls. For this reason, we must think twice about what we consume or expose ourselves to – whether it be food, media, or energy. Setting boundaries to protect yourself is a lot harder than you think. That said, it takes personal bravery to say "no" to things that only offer momentary fulfillment, especially if everyone else is out there doing it.

  1. Taking a Break

Lastly, it also takes a great deal of courage to step back and down. By taking a break, not only do we allow ourselves time to recuperate, but we also teach ourselves to observe. During these pauses, we get to watch the world happen around us and learn to appreciate our beauty. This exercise allows you to trust the process, especially when you're no longer in control.


Discover your inner strength and personal bravery through better health practices, mutual trust, and positivity. Choose to be kind – to yourself and others, and may others follow suit in your example.