9 Uplifting Hacks to Embrace Fearful Times

It may go without saying, but it truly has been quite a while since we’ve experienced the richness of human interaction. At the start of the pandemic, we were ushered into a new world where we couldn’t hold people as much as we wanted – or even needed. In the beginning, we weren’t even allowed to leave our houses and see other people. Being forced into isolation and deprived of emotional connections took a toll on everyone’s spirits – even those who’ve had an introverted streak.

Embracing the Fear

Indeed, no woman is an island, but don’t you worry - you’re not alone in this struggle. A lot of us share the fear that we may no longer be able to enjoy life like we once did, and we’re afraid the loneliness’ll bog us down. This is totally understandable, but we shouldn’t allow it to hold us back from living a happy and fulfilled life. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple daily habits.

That said, here are some life hacks that can help you make the most out of the fearful times we are all in.


Life hack #1: Positive Affirmations

Wake up every day with a positive mindset. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the things that can uplift your spirit. Remind yourself of your worth, beauty, dreams, intelligence, abilities, and loved ones. Say these affirmations to yourself before you reach out to check your social media. Be the one to choose the first idea that enters your mind, and choose to be positive.

Life hack #2: Make your Bed

Famed psychologist Jordan Peterson stated this as the first one in his acclaimed book, 12 Rules for Life. While making your bed seems like a mediocre act, it actually wires your brain to get going. It’s the first step to organizing your life, and it serves as the first goal you can set for yourself every day.

Life hack #3: Take a Shower

During a Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) by Elon Musk, one Redditor asked him what daily habit he does that has positively impacted his life the most, and he simply responded: showering. Not only can this be attributed to cleanliness being next to godliness, but that this physical act rejuvenates your body and mind for a new day. In addition to all that, you also get your best ideas in the shower, so that’s a plus!

Life hack #4: Tell your friends and family that you love them

While it can be challenging to maintain your relationships in such uncertain times, try to find new ways to incorporate their presence into your life. Send them videos or jokes to make them laugh. Share their products or places that remind you of them. Buy each other gifts online. With such little acts, you can offset the feeling of loneliness by expressing your love.

Life hack #5: Exercise

Moving your body doesn’t only lead to a healthy body, but it also activates your mind’s reward system. Whenever we exercise, our body releases endorphins that enhance our pain threshold and trigger a euphoric emotional response. That said, you don’t even have to do a lot, and this is something you can do with a community online.

Need a place to get started? Check out our Wednesday posts on Instagram for a new workout.

Life hack #6: Work on a Passion Project

It’s a common misconception that we can only enjoy things when we are good at them. This shouldn’t deter you from trying and doing things that genuinely make you happy. With that, work on some creative projects you set aside for your full-time job. Start drawing and painting once again or rekindle some childhood passions with your free time. This is a fantastic way to remind you that it’s the simple things that bring the most delight.

Life hack #7: Take Care of a Plant or a Pet

Another way of easing the loneliness and expressing your love is to take care of something aside from yourself. In this case, now is a good time to start a garden or adopt a pet, especially if you live alone. Not only will this give you a reason to get up and get moving at the start of the day, but it also allows you to practice your capacity to love.

Life hack #8: Consume Substantial Media

When it comes to consuming media, it’s easy to get stuck watching short videos or laughing at memes. It’s safe to say that we all feel the need to stay updated with all that’s happening. However, the most effective way to do this is to learn from people who think before they speak. That said, podcasts are a fantastic source of knowledge and new perspectives. Try it out, and you may find yourself a companion for when you do your chores.

Life hack #9: Protect your Energy

Lastly, take the time to take a break. Yes, this past year feels like everything has been put on hold. Then again, so many things are happening all at once. All the chaos can be too much to handle, especially when you don’t get to interact with people as much as you need. So, take a break. Shut things off and listen to some music. Remind yourself that you don’t always have the control or the power to change things. Protect your spirit from anything that may lead you to envy, resentment, and despair. The best thing to do now is to take care of yourself.

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