Have you ever wondered how the hottest new skincare product, Retinol, can keep your skin young and fresh-looking? Learn more about the product in this blog.

Retinol is among the most prominent buzzwords in the cosmetic and skincare industry, and for a good reason too! Another form of Vitamin A, this ingredient has been hailed as one of the best recommendations for anti-aging and for minimizing pores and fine lines. Still, even with all the promise it brings, many people remain reluctant to incorporate Retinol into their skincare routine.

That said, we're here to simplify the process for you, so you can finally enjoy the benefits that Retinol can bring to your young skin.

How to Use Retinol

While it may be daunting and your skin may take some time to get used to the product, taking the necessary precautions is ideal and is definitely recommended. Here are some essential tips to consider before applying Retinol onto your skin:

  • Sunlight exposure breaks down most retinoid formulas. This weakens the ingredient's effect, so the best time to use the product is at night.
  • If you haven't used Retinol before, always moisturize your skin generously. We call this process "buffering" as it helps prepare your skin when absorbing a new product.
  • Apply Retinol evenly on your skin, and avoid the neck area in the first months of use. Also, refrain from focusing on areas with thin skin, specifically under the eyes and around the mouth. 
  • Start small and consistently. Retinol doesn't need to be applied daily. The recommended frequency is to use it twice a week and to slowly increase this after some time. Most dermatologists recommend a 6-week cycle to observe the desired results.

Choosing the Right Retinol Product

You don't have to wait for fine lines to darken before starting on Retinol. In fact, you can begin using Retinol today. For beginners, it is important to realize that your skin may need to get used to this new active ingredient, and so it is best to choose the right brand of Retinol that hits all the bases to ensure maximum results for your skin.

This is where our Athia Retinol Night Cream comes in handy. The best part about this product is that it has a mild yet effective formulation that is both safe and moisturizing for sensitive skin. This feature is particularly beneficial given that some strong Retinol products tend to cause dry skin.

If there is one thing we want you to remember about using Retinol, it is this: start small and only build up when you're ready. This ingredient doesn't work as a moisturizer, and it does take its time to work wonders. That said, we hope that you find the patience and the commitment to use such a promising skincare product, and that you choose the brand that works best for you.