The sun is up, and your alarm is off. It’s time for you to get up, but hitting the snooze button almost always seems like a good idea. To that, we say it’s not.

We are all too familiar with the morning struggle of leaving our warm beds and moving into a cold room, and we have to admit – it can be dreadful. Don’t worry, it’s only at the beginning. Once you get the groove on, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you have enough energy in the morning. That said, let’s develop a morning routine that’ll help you conquer your mornings like a champion.

Time to Stretch and Breathe

Working out in the morning may seem like a chore, so don’t set yourself up to fail with unrealistic expectations. Start small by taking long breaths and meditating. Slowly stretch your muscles and escort the sleep out of your system. If you’re not the type to exercise in the morning, don’t force yourself. What’s important is that you get your blood moving. This is also an excellent way to release some dopamine and give yourself a daily dose of positivity.

The Much-needed Energy Boost

One essential part of the day is to mark the transition from your waking moment to the actual start of your day. Taking a quick cold shower can effectively boost your health and energy. However, if a cold rush seems too much, you can wash your face and brush your teeth instead. While you’re at it, we recommend that you use mild products on your face this early in the day, and the classic Athia Daily Facial Cleanser is a good choice for your skincare regimen.

Enhancing your Skincare Routine

If you like to work out a sweat in the morning, you can further cleanse your skin with a handy Post-workout Toner Spray. Moreover, if you’ve spent long hours out the night before, we recommend putting some Energizing Eye Renewal Serum to reduce the strain and the puffiness. In addition to all that, you can further pump up your skin with a foolproof Hyaluronic and Vitamin C moisturizer to keep your skin nourished throughout the day. After all this, don’t forget to include sunscreens into your skincare regimen, even when spending most of your time indoors.

Mornings don’t have to be a dreaded time during the day. In fact, it can be a great time to regain some control, uplift your spirit with positivity, and rejuvenate your body. If you’re one of those people who struggle greatly upon waking up, a few tips to get you through the rut is to plan your day the night before, skip the snooze, and review your checklists upon waking up. Last but not least, is to prepare a healthy and hearty breakfast so you can power through the day.

There truly are many ways to develop a morning routine to improve your health, but we hope this approach helps you out.