The precision diamond tip easily and effectively smooths and brightens the appearance of skin

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Athia Skin Combined With Riiviva Microdermabrasion

If you're accustomed to not getting results with your skincare routine - it's time to give Riiviva a try. While microdermabrasion provides a controlled exfoliation, Athia skincare enhances softness and supplements with a smooth texture leaving your skin looking young and healthy.

Skincare Products That Actually Work

We hear from customers often who tell us our products actually work. Customers love Riiviva products and how the products have helped change their skin. When used in combination with our skincare products, results can be even more noticeable.

Why Riiviva?

After years of clinical tests and clinical trials, and input from thousands of Riiviva customers - we have delivered technology that fights acne faster, reduces the appearance of acne scars and effectively resolves rough, dry skin issues. And, we have provided these product solutions in an affordable way.

Riiviva In The Press

“ Takes on everything from stretch marks to the tiny goose fleshy bumps, known as keratosis pilaris, along the backs of the arms and thighs.”

“instead of needing multiple treatments, after one session, patients are seeing improvements in pigmentation, fine lines, and texture.”

“If you're going to invest in an at-home skin-care device, this is where I recommend you spend your money. It provides a professional-quality microdermabrasion.”

“This medical-grade multi-tasker can gently effectively correct visual signs of aging, keratosis pilaris, mild stretch marks and acne scarring.”

The whole process took less than a few minutes. Their results were also pretty immediate. So satisfying.

“The exfoliating device sloughs off dead skin cells, while reducing the appearance of scars and softening rough patches.“

"This gadget exfoliates dead skin, revealing the healthier layer underneath. 'My fine lines, brown spots, and acne scars were less noticeable after a few uses.”

“Best skincare product of my life. After my very first use of this personal microderm machine I really couldn’t believe it. My skin felt baby soft and looked so vibrant! I was sold immediately.”

"Despite med spa-serious components (the diamond tips are the same ones used for in-office treatments), the super tool is the beauty world equivalent of a Dyson. It's easy to use, with instant results. A friend thought I'd had Botox..."

“ Most microdermabrasion appointments will set you back around $150. You’ll have gotten your money’s worth after just two uses with the Riiviva. The high-quality diamond tip will easily remove the outer layer of your deadened skin so that the fresh layer underneath can flourish, leaving you baby-soft. It’s totally worth it.”

"You will immediately have softer smoother skin! If you have acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, this will help you and now you can do it at home."

“This sensational medical grade home microdermabrasion kit gives you pro results........ so you can skip the spa, and pad your pocket.”

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