Our Mission

Athia's Mission is to inspire, empower and create a community of Strong Women. We strive to provide the highest quality products to complement the beauty that already exists within each of our customers.

Supporting Girls Scholarships

We are nothing without empowering one another. That's where you come in. Your Athia purchases directly help provide scholarships for young girls around the world through our partnership with She's The First. Each month a new girl receives a scholarship using proceeds from every purchase.

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Introducing Our Athia Scholars


Meet Aisha. She is a scholar at Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda! She enjoys English class and being part of the school choir. Outside of school, she likes jumping rope, playing netball, and reading. Her favorite book is "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters". When she grows up, she wants to be a lawyer.


Meet Laura. She is a goal oriented student. After she graduates, she wants to become a successful doctor. Based on her studies and high academic achievements, she id definitely putting in the work to make her dreams a reality! When she's not in school, she enjoys singing and playing netball with friends in her hometown of Kilimanjoro.


Meet Shormila. When she's not studying, Shormila loves spending time dancing! Every year she gets to know someone new and loves playing with all her friends. When Shormila grows up, she wants to become a doctor and help people get well quickly. And as soon as she can, she plans to build a nice new house for her mom and dad.  


Volunteerism is a group of STF Scholars in Ethiopia. The group includes: Mihret A., Mihret Y., Lidet, Milena, and Meba. We call ourselves Volunteerism, which we choose because we all value and enjoy helping others. When we meet, we talk about many topics. Some of them are: what we can do to help others and what actions we can take to change the lives of the underprivileged people in our community. We are especially interested in pursuing careers that involve law, justice, and social work.