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"Yes yes yesss! One of my favorite parts I think is that my skin is starting to look smoother and better even without makeup. Thank you so much! I love Athia!"


"I’m so so so happy! If someone would have told me that I could have skin like this in 30 days, I would not have believed them."


"I saw HUGE results! This is the most amazing product I have ever spent my money on!! These products are the only thing that have been able to help my poor skin. THANK YOU ATHIA!!"


"My skin feels softer and my pores have become smaller after using Athia products. My skin has more of a glow."


"These are my results after using the Athia Bundle for 30 Days."


"I can now go out without any makeup! My skin felt and looked smoother and it looked better than it has ever looked."


"1 month difference using Athia Skincare lash and brow. You guys, this stuff is awesome!!! And it's so affordable. Go get!!! Everything I've used that they've made is amazing! I'm so glad I found this company."


"At least some things improve with age! The length of my lashes thanks to Athia!"


"I have been acne free for a whole month. I’m 37 and haven’t not had acne since I was 11. It also brightened my skin and evened it out and helped cut down on oil."


"I love skin care, and love the gym, and I want my skin to be as healthy as possible! The lip plumping serum is just an added bonus... These products feel so good on your skin and aren't clogging"


"I've been using Athia products for only 3 weeks and can already tell a HUGE difference. My skin is much cleaner and smoother. I've had less breakouts and it's helped with the aging process. All in just 3 weeks!"


"Look at the difference! Nearing 3 months of using Athia Skin and I am LOVING the visible brightness, clarity, even tone, and structure taking residence in my complexion."

Trusted by Top Athletes

Dani Speegle

2019 CrossFit Games

Brooke Ence

Athlete & Entreprenuer


Ali Scudds

CFG Regional Athlete 2016-2018

Jessica Wise

Founder @thelitas

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