Morning Routine Bundle

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Put your best face forward, and simplify your morning routine with this 4-item Morning Routine Bundle. The Daily Facial Cleanser gently purges pores for a clean, makeup-free appearance. The Post Workout Spray/Toner fits easily into the palm of your hand, and delivers everything you need to replenish and feel energized post workout or after you wash your face. The Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Moisturizer provides hydration and protection from the day's harsh elements. And, if you need a pick me up, the Energizing Eye Renewal awakens tired eyes.

Daily Facial Cleanser - Our Anti-aging Cleanser prevents and protects your skin from dryness. Infused with purifying gold flakes, you’ll notice reduced shine utilizing our proprietary anti-aging and moisturizing agent.

Post Workout Spray/Toner - Your skin is most vulnerable post workout—open pores exposed to harmful pollutants, toxins and bacteria can cause inflammation. In an ideal world, you would cleanse your face immediately after every workout. But let's be honest, who has time for that? That's why Athia's Post Workout Spray was formulated as the perfect solution to protect and calm your skin when you need it most.

Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Moisturizer - Our Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer provides hydration for your skin all day. Specially formulated from plant derived actives to protect against dryness. Our probiotic technology revitalizes complexion, reduces fine lines & wrinkles and provides UV protection.

Energizing Eye Renewal - Our proprietary multi-peptide blend works synergistically to stimulate collagen production and protect skin from aging. These peptides replenish, smooth and plump skin.


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